Friday, July 31, 2015

Preserving the Ha(y)worth Family History for Future Generations, Part 9

George Haworth was the fifth Great Grandfather of my
Grandmother, Mittie Ethel Hayworth Garrison.  
I would not be here today if it were not for George Haworth and his many descendants.  The Haworth line has continued for many generations in our family and will live on for many more. My Grandmother, Mittie Hayworth Garrison, was the 5th Great Granddaughter of George.  She was almost 92 years old when she passed away.  I felt very blessed to have her around that long.  The picture to the right was taken just a couple years before she died.  Four generations. My mom is on the left, holding my daughter Stephanie.  

So, we are all thankful to George for coming to America, risking his life on the ship Brittania, and starting a family.  He died in January of 1725 (Quaker calendar) and was buried in Buck's County, Pennsylvania.  At the time of his death, he and Sarah had had eight children.  The children were, in birth order:
1.  A son who died in infancy
2.  Stephanus Haworth, born in 1713 and married Rachel Beeson
3.  Rachel V. Haworth, born in 1715 but died young
4.  Absalom Haworth, born in 1716 and married Elizabeth E. Payne
5.  John Haworth, born in 1717, married Mary Garner
6.  James Haworth born in 1719, married Sarah Wood
7.  Mary Haworth born in 1721 married John Michener
8.  George Haworth Jr. born in 1724 and married Mary Brown

Buckingham Friends Meeting House still stands today.  
George had been a weaver and a farmer. He and Sarah were Quakers and belonged to the Falls Member Meeting and they were charter members of the Buckingham Friends meeting.  

Three of George and Sarah's sons, Stephanus, Absalom and James, left Pennsylvania and headed south.  They landed in Virginia, where they set up their new homes and started their own families. Stephanus later moved to North Carolina.  

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